Natural Hot Springs

“Hot and Cold Pools”

This spring is an artesian well. Water that gathers in the Koue Bokkeveld mountains sinks down through the sandstone until it reaches a depth where the surrounding earth is extremely hot. Pressure builds up, forcing the water under the Olifants River and up the other side, where it emerges in the Kloof at 43º Celsius.

The main eye with several other eyes delivers 105 000 litre’s of water per hour. The main eye is now encased in a spring vault.
The water is crystal clear and good to drink.


“The water looked so tempting that none of us could resist, so our horses were turned to graze, our packs were opened, and we had each of us a glorious dip and a clean shirt.” – Diary of William Mann 1840. 


We have a lovely Mediterranean climate.
Spring flower season, Autumn and Winter are the most popular seasons.

Chemical Analysis of the water


SOURCE Recommended limit CSIR
Potassium as K mg/l 2,0
Sodium as Na mg/l 8,3 100
Calcium as Ca mg/l 2,2 150
Magnesium as Mg mg/l 1,8 70
Sulphate as SO4 mg/l 0,08 200
Chloride as Cl mg/l 14,8 250
Alkalinity as CaCo3 mg/l 11,8
Nitrate as N mg/l 0,2 6
Iron as F mg/l <0,05 0,1
Fluoride as F mg/l <0,05 1,0
Conductivity mS/m (lab) 8,4 70
pH (lab) 5,9 6,0 – 9,0